How to Maintain Tyres Through Every Season?

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It is imperative to understand your tires’ reaction to the weather. This not only helps you with maintenance but can prepare you for upcoming weather. You should always have your things in order and stay prepared for any problem you may encounter. Having a car requires a lot of due diligence and ensuring everything stays working for the good of your car as well as to ensure your safety. Different seasons call for different tire maintenance techniques. After getting the tyres for sale Sharjah, the next step is to care for them. Here are maintenance tips depending on the season.


During winter, your tires are most likely to lose a lot of pressure when you are on the road. This means it’s important to constantly check the pressure of your tires to make sure they are not underinflated. Tires that are underinflated will certainly not last you long and if neglected can become damaged beyond control. Also, when buying tires, ensure your tires are capable of carrying you through cold and wet surfaces of the winter, ask your tire sellers to help you get a better understanding and prepare you for the cold season.


During summer, heat can have a damaging effect on tires. It’s important to check your tires regularly to detect any anomalies. An increase in temperature also causes a dramatic loss in pressure so it’s important to check the pressure of your tires as often as possible. Sometimes loss in pressure can be due to lose valves. If you are constantly checking your pressure, you may loosen the valve and that may also be responsible for the dramatic pressure loss. Check the valve at all times to ensure its tight enough to prevent any problems.

Rain Season

When it’s raining, the roads are wet are cars are likely to skid. It’s important to drive cautiously during this time. A lot of people think since cars use four wheels, they are generally more balanced and less likely to slide and cause accidents. This is untrue, during the wet season, it’s common for drivers to lose control of their cars due to slippery roads. It’s important to check your tires at all times during this season. Since you are already in danger due to the slippery roads, you shouldn’t have tried to worry about too!

Overall, it’s important to have strong tires that can help you through any weather. Yokohama tyres Dubai are top quality and will definitely guarantee your safety.

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