How Much Does IQOS Cost? Quick Price Guide

How Much Does IQOS Cost Quick Price Guide - eri

As you already know, the smoking world has moved on from the puffs of cigarette sticks to a more technologically advanced IQOS. And it’s not hard to see why. IQOS provides smokers with the bona fide taste of tobacco while eliminating the negative attributes of cigarettes. You no longer have to deal with ash, the unpleasant cigarette smell, and clouds of smoke while you enjoy your tobacco.


There are many factors to consider when purchasing an IQOS. However, the heets cigarette prices matter the most. After determining your preferred price range, you can then go on and sample IQOS devices within that range. Check essential properties like battery life span, battery charging duration, and the availability of auxiliary features like Bluetooth. Below is an overview of some of the most sought IQOS devices and their prices.

How Much Does IQOS Cost Quick Price Guide IQOS 3 Duo - eri

IQOS 3 Duo

IQOS 3 DUO is one of the new entrants in the market. It has a long-lasting battery that enables you to use at least two heet sticks before recharging the battery. Additionally, it has a fast-charging system and is easy to operate. There are many editions of IQOS 3. However, the most famous among them are Blue, Turquoise, Sienna, Bronze and Amber, These editions have a price range of between AED 396 and AED 504. IQOS 3 DUO boasts of having the fastest and most powerful holder. The holder can allow up to two consecutive uses without recharging.

How Much Does IQOS Cost Quick Price Guide IQOS Multi - eri

IQOS Multi

This tobacco heating device has a sleek design that enables it to fit in your pocket thereby allowing you to enjoy your smoke wherever you go. IQOS MULTI also has an efficient battery that allows you to use up to 10 HEETS without having to recharge between the heat sticks. When you purchase IQOS MULTI, you will receive complimentary products like cleaning sticks, an AC adaptor, and a USB cable. Their price range is between 390 and 710 Dirham.


IQOS 3 Heets

This IQOS brand is the most cost-friendly in the market, with the cheapest selling at 95 Dirham. The IQOS 3 HEETS editions include silver heets, purple wave heets, velvet grey, tropical swift, and multi-gold kit. The price range of these Iqos devices is between 95 and 600 Dirham.


IQOS 2.4+

This IQOS device is among the pioneers of heat not burn technology. It can only heat one stick at a time. This heating device comes in two colors black and white. IQOS 2+ costs 370 Dirham. Though it cannot manage to heat more than one stick in one session, it has one of the fastest chargers that ensure you resume enjoying your nicotine quickly.


What Is Your Favorite Pick?

Smoking is one of the most appreciated ways of relieving stress. To enjoy your tobacco, you need to have the best heating device. Most IQOS products can heat tobacco, however, the ones sampled have proven to be more effective. Take your time to evaluate each of these devices before making a purchase.

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